The reason for the successful development and marketing of the PÖMA devices is the company's own quality claim, this leads to a continuous development of our devices.


The practical use of the devices in our own PÖMA-service company fulfils the requirements of a permanent test run under high pressure to perform. By occuring damages we were forced to eliminate errors and deficiencies in the design, material selection, ease of use, performance and ease of operation quickly and effectively, to guarantee the success of our own PÖMA work. Through those improvements we achieve cost savings and profit optimizations.

Here you will find an overview of our product range. For further information please select a category.


Anbaugrader Steinbrecher Bankettfräsen Anbauvibrationswalzen Anhängevibrationswalzen Plattenverdichter


We change your Tractor into a road-building and maintenance machine!