Our history

The mechanical engineer Wolfgang Pötzsch founded the company in 1966 first as an engineering office. Four years later, it has developed into the PÖMA Maschinenbau with its own production, with three employees in Wittmar an der Asse. In 1980 the company expanded and relocated to Groß Denkte.


In 1971,  a patent was granted to PÖMA Maschinenbau by the German Patent Office for a tractor mounted Grader. Since that time, nearly 3000 pieces of the PÖMA-Grader were built and sold. Not only in Germany but also in the other countries like Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Romania and Ukraine our euipments are appreciated for the construction and maintenance of farming and forestry roads.


Our further production program includes Stonecrushers, Shoulder-dressers, Vibratory plate compactors and Vibratory Plates.


Since 1975 there is an other leg, the PÖMA-Roadservice. In this part all new developments are tested under practical conditions. Emerging problems, defects and disabilities with handling have been analysed over 30 years and were solved to make improvements in our own company, and to improve the following machines over generations. Not at least this is why PÖMA road-equipment is known as durable, of high quality and technically sophisticated by our customers.