The System PÖMA

High quality and ecological road building helps to preserve values and save costs!


Alter Zustand mit hohen Banketten und tiefen Fahrspuren
Old situation with high banquets and low lanes


The System PÖMA will repair roads without or with few new material! Also heavy damaged routes will be permanently regenerated.


These repairs are not a mending patch but a rebuilt. Repaired roads get back there profile again, are as good as new and hold their shape for a long time, even if the traffic load is high.


Ways with a profile guarantee the rainfall-water runoff  on both sides over the shoulder into a gutter. Very quickly new grass vegetation on the shoulder makes the surface water slow and seep away. Only dry tracks are resilient in the length of time. The value of the roads will be preserved!


The repair-costs will be carefully calculated and guarantee together with the high quality of work since decades our customers recognize economics. Compared with the usual improvements and repair works, we offer a better alternative - ask for references


The System PÖMA works in the following steps:


All machines are internal developments of PÖMA-Maschinenbau and in combination only available at PÖMA. Our construction experts have many years of experience. They are available to give you an advise.


Weg nach Bearbeitung mit dem System PÖMA
Road after conditioning with the System PÖMA



The System PÖMA reduces erosions and maintenance costs considerably!


For further information:  The System PÖMA (0,40 MB)